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The name Jousan is French - The pronunciation is Jeau - Saun. My husband is from Texas where they pronounce the name - Joe San

Jewelry making for me has been an ongoing journey, a wonderful progression of art. In earlier years, I spent much time drawing, painting, sewing, and working with craft projects. You name it, I probably attempted it. Then I discovered sterling silver wire, gemstones, collector beads, a torch, a kiln, stone cutters, PMC clay and the rest is history. You can see my designs in this gallery.

I've pretty much put the jewelry making aside as golf has taken over my life. I love the challenge and the exercise (I walk and carry my clubs) so if I'm having an off day at least the exercise was great.

In between traveling, painting, playing golf, and taking care of our two Norwich Terriers - Elliott and Lucy - My energy is focused on assisting in my husband's business Clear Communication Company and designing and hosting websites.

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