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Pendulum Bracelets:

bunny pendulum braceletmoqui marble

Pendulums: NOTE: The pendulums and pendulum bracelets below are sold, however, most may be replicated.

Sterling SilverTrade BeadsOcean JasperOcean JasperPicture JasperYellow TurquoiseLapis LazuliAmethyst and sterling silver pendulumBone BunnyJadependulumYellow TurquoiseLapis Lazulisterling silver pendulumJade and sterling silver pendulumCitrine and sterling silver pendulumAmethyst and Sterling silver pendulumCitrine and Sterling Silver PendulumJade and sterling silver pendulumJade and sterling silver pendulumPicture JasperJade and sterling silver pendulumSouth Sea Shell Pearls pendulumSouth Sea Shell Pearls pendulumJade and sterling silver pendulumUnakite and sterling silver pendulumChrysopraseSouth Sea Shell Pearls pendulumAmazonite and sterling silver pendulumMadagascar japser and sterling silver pendulumSouth Sea Shell Pearls pendulumpendulumpendulum braceletPendulum BraceletKlew Beadjade braceletsterlingSterlingAmethyst PendulumPendulum BraceletPendulum Bracelet jadeLemon Chrysoprase PendulumLapis Lazuli Pendulumklew bead braceletklew bead bracelet

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