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Tektite & Sterling Silver earrings

Tektite and Sterling Silver

12mm Tektite cubes and Sterling Silver Earrings. Earrings are approximately 1-3/4" long.

Tektites (from Greek tektos, molten) are natural glass objects up to a few centimeters in size, which most scientists argue were formed by the impact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. Tektites are typically black or olive-green, and their shape varies from rounded to irregular.
Tektites are among the "driest" rocks, with an average water content of 0.005%. This is very unusual, as most if not all of the craters where tektites may have formed were underwater before impact. Also, partially melted zircons have been discovered inside a handful of tektites. This, along with the water content, suggests that the tektites were formed under phenomenal temperature and pressure not normally found on the surface of the Earth.
These earrings are very fun.

Item number: 2008-1858e - $35.00 (SOLD)

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