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Shipping and Handling Charges

Our standard shipping is PRIORITY Mail insured.Shipping and handling charges for items shipped within the USA will be as follows:

Orders under $ 25.00 - $ 5.00
$ 25.01 to $ 75.00 - $ 8.00
$ 75.01 to $ 100.00 - $ 10.00
$ 100.01 to $ 200.00 - $ 14.00
$ 200.01 to $ 400.00 - $ 18.00
$ 400.01 and over - $ 20.00

Overnight inside USA $25.00
USPS Global Priority for International Orders - $30.00

Terms and Conditions

SPECIAL CUSTOM ORDERS - We will be happy to design a "similar" piece if we no longer have the item you want in stock. We cannot guarantee an exact duplicate. You will have the same "feeling" color, etc. However, the shape & size of stones or beads may vary. No refunds on custom orders.

Allow 3 weeks for special orders: payment is due at time of order.

RETURNS and EXCHANGES- All returns are subject to a restocking fee.

We have a standard restocking fee of 20% on all returned items. If you wish to return a product but do not place a reorder, the restocking fee will be 20%. If a reorder is placed, the restocking fee is lowered from 20% to 10%. Please note that if for some reason the reorder must be returned, the restocking fee for the return of the reorder will be 30%.

Your reorder must be placed prior to your credit being processed. If you wish to reorder right away, reference will be made to your return on your reorder to ensure that you receive the lower restocking fee. If you need to apply your credit to you reorder, you can do so, but we will need to receive the product and/or credit for the product before doing so.

If you return a product, reorder, and then return the reordered product, you will be assessed a a 30% restocking fee for the return of the reorder.

We do not ship "trial" products. There is substantial cost in processing orders and shipping products. There is also cost in returning products; messages must be answered, products received and restocked, paperwork processed and mailed, etc. For this reason, we adhere strictly to our Return Policy to keep those rare customers from "trying" and "trying" products.

Shipping and Handling charges are never refunded.

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